Brochu Walker

Brochu Walker is The New American Minimalism - Conscious luxury with European flair.

Its understated, rich nature is the ultimate luxury and its attention to detail is thoughtful, deliberate and discreet. The effortless collection is defined by a quality over quantity, less is always more mindset, giving way to refined, alluring pieces that are personal, yet have a definitive character.

Timeless, ageless and carefree, the collection is for a woman so confident, she never has to seek the limelight, it seeks her. She is the ‘anti-it-woman’. Self-assured, trendsetting in her consciously-undone demeanor, she approaches style with a worldly curiosity and a passion for life. The master of her own universe, she puts equal emphasis on all of her roles and all of her interests. She is quintessentially sophisticated, yet always with an effortless point of view.