Ssōne is a contemporary womenswear brand rooted in craft and committed to conscious progress through responsible design processes. This belief system forms the distinctive aesthetic that runs throughout the collections, joyously bringing together romance and utility, seduction and craft, elegance and function.

With each piece Ssōne shares fabric origin, product lifecycle and craft behind the garment. For the design team, a primary area of research is the innovation of technical fabrications that aim to reduce environmental impact; Ssōne prioritises sustainable, low water washing and natural botanical dye processes that will long outlive seasonal trends. These collections are underpinned by craftsmanship – an approach which revives the artisanal communities who preserve these crafts and promotes a more humanitarian approach to the things we wear and own. The result is a new formula for the modern wardrobe – designed to serve daily, and last season after season.

Ssōne was founded in 2017 by Caroline Smithson. Caroline grew up in Northumberland on the Scottish Borders, an area rich in nature, pagan history and folklore – a heritage that has influenced has influenced her work and love of handcraft.

“We invite the Ssōne woman to feel optimistic, inspired, like she’s part of something progressive. We are driven by the idea of building the collection as a non-seasonal ‘uniform' with repeat styles evolving and improving with more responsible production techniques. We don’t work to seasons, with the intention that the wearer is never 'out of fashion’ ”, says Caroline Smithson, Founder & Creative Director of Ssōne.