Extreme Cashmere

A project intended to last beyond the seasons

One material, one size, all people, all occasions

extreme cashmere came into being from a mutual frustration with the fashion industry by Saskia Dijkstra and Camille Serra. With over twenty-five years’ experience in respectively production and design of high-end knitwear, their ambition was to establish a brand that aimed to create the ultimate cashmere sweater - made in the best possible way, designed to be worn and loved by everyone, at every occasion, without exceptions or concessions.

Since its founding in 2016, the Amsterdam-based brand has been dedicated to creating and producing the ultimate cashmere wardrobe for everybody and every body. The brand follows a clear aesthetic of reinvented classic styles in surprising colours and shapes, unisex and unisize, suited for all seasons and all occasions, austere yet playful, designed to be used and loved for a long time.

extreme cashmere articulates one ever-evolving and seasonless collection that continuously gets refined, redefined and altered. Four times a year an edition of fifteen styles that offer new knits, colours and designs are presented and added to the collection. The brand’s uncompromising focus on establishing styles with a long-lasting nature is also reflected in the sole use of cashmere stretch of the best quality available against a fair price. extreme cashmere garments can be recognised by its embroidered flag detail on cuff or hem. This flag signifies the available colours of that specific style.

With meticulous attention to detail extreme cashmere aims to bride the use of luxury cashmere with notions such as durability in both material and style, inclusivity, resourcefulness, and sustainability. Over twenty-five years of in-house experience in designing and manufacturing cashmere helps the brand to achieve this goal.

Extreme shapes, extreme quality

No limits, no concessions

All seasons, all occasions



North America, UK, Italy, China, South Korea, South East Asia, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe.