Monsieur L

Monsieur L. offers to all genders an inclusive contemporary vision of classic masculine shoe design. Behind the discreet elegance of the L. initial is Alain Leber, founder of the brand.
Having designed for many years for iconic luxury brands including Michel Perry, J.M. Weston or Louis Vuitton and Burberry where for a long time he was heading up the shoe collections, Alain has decided to create his own brand.
Combining tradition and innovation with a touch of humour and derision, he traces the contour of an ideal wardrobe, writing his own definition of timelessness.
With an assertive as well as fully inclusive style, every person, regardless of their gender, has the chance to appropriate it in their own personable way.
Unlike the fast fashion cycle, Alain prefers a sustainable approach. One of thought, care and unique identity.