Matteo Mars

Born and raised in Florence, for more than 15 years the designer has been working for some of the most relevant fashion brands. In 2017 he became MATTEOMARS

Aggressive Deco

Timeless Mastery



An approach to fashion defined by its perpetual movement, an everlasting development. The outcome of a game of balance that blends together opposing concepts, creating a timeless beauty; not here and now, but eternal, at the same time alive and dynamic. It’s never complete, underlining its permanence. MATTEOMARS looks up the harmony of disharmony as absolute and limitless beauty, and finds its dynamism, fulfilment and perpetuity in this game of balance.

Womens’ shoes like modern works of art, an ultra-feminine, strong architectural product surrounded by particular and sought-after details, mirroring the request for quality and creativity: A combination which was enabled and empowered by the city where the brand itself is born and produced, Firenze.