Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent is a luxury, sustainable fashion label reinvesting 90% of their profits back into the people and causes they believe in. They're cultivating a culture of beauty that goes beyond our clothing, pioneering a new business culture rooted in community.

Ninety Percent was founded in London in 2018 – born of the friendship between Para Hamilton and Shafiq Hassan. The label is established on their revolutionary spirit of care, and their business culture focussed on profit sharing, with 360-degree equity for everyone involved in the creation of our collections.

In 2022, creative director Elliot Atkinson joined Ninety Percent, elevating their aesthetic language into a sophisticated vision for our customers and connecting the clothes back to nature. Capturing the sensuality of visiting uncharted destinations and feeling the sea, the earth – thus designing pieces that ultimately fit into the ebbs and flow of our current lifestyles.

Ninety Percent is more than a brand, it’s a community. From their headquarters to the factories, there is a connection between all the people behind our clothes and the planet. We know and respect our suppliers, factories and each garment maker in the value chain.