TL 180 is a contemporary accessories brand, offering high quality, timeless bags and accessories, made in Italy. Italian-born Luisa Orsini, and French-born, Antonine [Tine] Peduzzi met in Rome in 2005, and immediately felt a synergy in their aesthetic sensibilities. Keen to detach themselves from the restraints and limitations of fast-fashion, they pursued a project which aimed to merge their individual passions and identities. After moving to Paris in 2012, TL 180 was born. Luisa and Tine were determined to design a collection that embodied the sophisticated, yet nonchalant French attitude with the incomparable quality of Italian-made goods. Based upon the concept of timeless style and the perfect balance between design, quality and versatility, TL 180 offers us everyday elegance without ever compromising on artisanal savoir-faire.

The name TL180 takes the initials of both designers, Tine and Luisa, paired with their height measurement. All products within their collection are made in Tuscany, using the softest leathers, embossed exotic skins, printed surfaces and velvety-soft suede.