Nomis is designed to be versatile, the ability to wear a piece as a necklace or earrings, a cuff is designed to embellish your ear as well as your fingers. The pieces are created to be combined and relevant for day or night. Powerful. Concise. Adaptable. Nomis is created for experimentalists.

Brand creator Alyona Kiperman is redefining jewellery. Wearing Nomis reflects a personal connection with jewellery. She aims to make it multipurpose and compatible with modern life.

Nomis jewellery is made of 18ct gold and lab stones. Each diamond and emerald used in the collection is hand-picked by Alyona. The designer decided to work with man-made stones after she visited the laboratories in her native Kiev, where the stones are produced.

Artificially grown diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires are not only used in jewellery, their unique properties are in demand in the tech world, from measuring instruments to developments in space, these stones bring the world of the future closer. This is how the Nomis jewellery brand, which works with advanced technology, came into being.