Marfa Stance

British brand Marfa Stance designs an ever-evolving, unique and essential wardrobe that fuses a versatile, season-less and multi-functional approach with beautiful luxury designs.

Founded in 2019, designer Georgia Dant, a former transatlantic commuter, identified an opportunity in the global luxury fashion space for a buildable and transportable brand to effortlessly transition across climate, seasons and occasions.Taking her 15 years’ experience at iconic brands such as Burberry and rag&bone, Dant created Marfa Stance to fuse timeless luxury design with versatility and functionality for the global, conscious customer.

The collection is designed with a sustainable approach in mind, to reduce over consumption and waste, in line with the need to buy less but buy better.Longevity is at the forefront, with each season evolving to add a new component such as a collar or hood, and in turn increase the life cycle of each garment.

Marfa Stance is made in Italy in the finest family run factories, with responsibly sourced and recycled fabrics from Italy and Japan.Each garment is produced in limited quantities, taking a stance against the fast fashion trend, and made to last in your wardrobe season after season.